Tips to survive xmas

With Xmas fast approaching we mustn't forget our canine companions safety. Here are some top tips for having a happy and safe xmas with your dog.

1. Remember Chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so remember not to put chocolate treats on the xmas tree, or in presents under the xmas tree.

2. Mince pies, Xmas cake and pudding - these contain raisins and currants which are poisonous to dogs.

3. Xmas Trees - Real xmas trees shed needles, make sure you clean them up each day, as they can be sharp and can easily get stuck in your dogs paws.

4. Novelty dog xmas treats - think twice before buying some novelty dog xmas treats, are you sure you know what is in it?

5. Human Food - It's always nice to give the dog a special xmas meal, but make sure you don't get carried away and give them peanuts and crisps.

6. Vets - Whether your going away or staying at home, always have your vets number handy just in case the worst happens.

7. Crackers, Party Poppers, Fireworks - Not all dogs like loud bangs ensure they have a safe quiet place whilst you celebrate.

8. Mistletoe, Holy & Poinsettia's - These are poisonous to dogs so keep out of reach.

9. Wrapping Paper & Ribbons - Oh It's so much fun for dogs to rip up xmas paper! So avoid any disasters and only bring the presents out when your about to open them up, and then make sure everything is tidied up.

10. Puppies - Remember a dog is for life not just for xmas, think twice before getting a puppy for xmas!

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