Whether your a first time puppy owner or experienced dog owner, we can all do with a helping hand from time to time. Sometimes the class room environment may not be right for our dog, or the times of the classes don't suit.

At Measured Pawfection we can offer you a 1-2-1 in the comfort of your own home, where these sessions are tailored to you and your dogs needs, to help address specific training needs, concerns or problem behaviour you are experiencing. 

We can help with for example, but not limited to:- 



  • How to start early socialisation to build resilience and confidence in your litter

  • Early basic Training including toilet training

  • How to encourage appropriate play


  • New Puppy help with Toilet training, mouthing, biting, jumping up.

  • Pre-Puppy class visits, to help owners set off in the right direction with their new puppy. 

  • How to be clear, concise and consistent to aid your puppies learning.

  • Walking nicely on a lead

  • Playing appropriately with your puppy to stop play biting

  • Enrichment activities to help tire your puppy out

  • Can't make class? - We can provide a 3 x 1hr puppy training sessions in the comfort of your own home please contact us direct for further details and price.

For Young Dogs, Rescue or older dogs

  • Dog/Puppy pulling on lead.

  • Jumping up to great visitors at home or out and about.

  • Recall. 

  • Getting more focus for busy dogs i.e. look at me and ignore that dog/human.

  • Bringing a new dog into the household with other pets.

  • Helping your Rescue dog to settle in and what to expect.


Nervous/Anxious dogs - Behavioural support

  • Dogs who bark or lunge at other dogs or humans

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Noise phobic - fire works, traffic etc.

All visits last for a minimum of 1 1/2 hours and requires the completion of a pre-session form which enables you to explain in detail about the problem you are experiencing and any other concerns.

During your 1-2-1 we go through the form, discuss the problems being experienced from this I can then formulate a training plan to help you and your dog and then I will spend time taking you through various methods to address you and your dogs needs. 

All methods used for these sessions use positive reward based training methods ensuring that the owner and dog has a positive rewarding experience to ensure success.

Cost - From £60* for approx 6 hours which comprises of:-

  • Preparation time

  • Min. of 1 1/2 hours at your home going through each of your concerns and showing you techniques to help resolve your dogs issues.

  • Travel to and from your home (up to 30mins each way)

  • Supply a comprehensive training plan

  • Email/phone support for 2 weeks after consultation.

Subsequent visits are from £50* for an hour and include additional techniques/help and an update of your training plan.

For Pre-puppy class visits the cost is reduced to £50 for puppies booked onto our puppy class.

For older puppies/young dogs the cost is reduced to £50 for puppies/dogs booked onto our young dog class.

* Costs depends on type of consultation and location and number of dogs in the household that need help.