Puppy Visits

Whether your at work or going out for the day, let us come and help maintain your puppies toileting routine, provide physical and mental stimulation and plenty of play!  

During our visit we aim to:-

  • Let your puppy out for a much needed toilet break.

  • Clean up any little accidents.

  • Refresh water bowl and feed if required.

  • Provide lots of play, cuddles and TLC.

  • Stimulate them both physically and mentally to help tire them out and give them a change.

  • Fully vaccinated puppies can be walked for short periods of time* to provide socialisation opportunities, meeting new people, dogs and real world life experiences.

  • We can also provide optional training if required (See below).


Cost - £8 for half an hour, £11 for an hour or 2 half hour visits in a day for £15

Optional Puppy Training

I am a Puppy School tutor so I can provide as an optional extra basic training with your puppy for short periods of time, interspersed with play and mental enrichment.  I can help with but not limited to - Positions (Sit, Down, Stand), Jumping up, Loose lead walking, play biting, brushing, handling etc.

* Puppies are still growing up until they are approx. 18 mths (dependant on the breed), this means their growth plates are still developing and it is important not to over exercise them when they are young.